Connected TV Spots

Our Connected TV (CTV) Spots network offers instream advertising in streaming offers on TV. It combines the strengths of TV and digital and has the advantage that it can also reach TV streaming users. Through the big screen, the user perceives advertising in a lean-back atmosphere.

With exclusive partners such as TV Plus, Pluto TV, smartclip, Rakuten TV, DMAX, TLC and Dailymotion, we can currently generate 70 million video views per month and guarantee 100% brand safety, including targeting and campaign tracking, thanks to the high-quality environment.

Why book CTV spots?

  • Accessibility TV streaming users
  • 100% Brand Safety in a high-end environment
  • 83 million video views per month
  • Campaign tracking
  • Advertising perception in lean-back atmosphere
  • Combining the strengths of TV and digital

CTV spots

at-ctv spots-werbeformat-tv.png


Exclusive advertising position of PreRoll and MidRoll Ads.

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