Our highlights in the Connected TV spots

Goldbach's Advanced TV study makes it clear: advertising on connected TV is becoming increasingly effective

In addition to the consistently high level of awareness and use of CTV, the increasing perception and acceptance of advertising was also noticeable, which makes the medium particularly attractive.

Drei relies on advertising on Connected TV for XMAS campaign

First mover campaign at Goldbach Austria: Streaming tip for Christmas CTV channel on Samsung devices.

Goldbach Austria starts marketing Dynamic Ad Insertion

As of now, DAI spots on the big screen can be booked with Goldbach Austria - via A1 Xplore-TV boxes, which enable addressable TV advertising in the Connected TV area.

Tchibo Eduscho uses innovative Connected TV advertising for relaunch campaign

Tchibo Eduscho uses innovative Connected TV advertising for relaunch campaign

Goldbach Austria introduces new form of advertising for Advanced TV

We gave a "sneak preview" of a new, targeted form of Advanced TV Advertising: Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) at a round table event.

Goldbach Advanced TV Studie 2023 Image.jpg
6. Goldbach Advanced TV DACH Study 2023: Connected TV is being used more and more intensively

Goldbach conducted its annual DACH study on the use and penetration of Connected TV. It continues to enjoy very high awareness in all advertising-relevant target groups.

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