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DISTRUST SOCIETY - Fear of Fake News

What do online services do with our data? And are we always told the whole truth or only what fits the agenda of the big players? Questions like these have led to a Distrust Society. As a result of this trend, the institutions concerned - or suspected - are trying to regain their credibility. Here are a few interesting examples.

Artificial intelligence estimates political orientation

Researchers at Stanford University have used AI-based facial recognition to develop software that can correctly assess a person's political orientation 72 percent of the time. To do this, the AI analyzes human faces for data points such as head posture, facial features and expressions, or the specific way a person looks at the camera. According to the scientists, these features should differ depending on political orientation. For the development, the software was trained over three years with photos from dating websites and Facebook profiles from Canada, Great Britain and the USA.