Replay Ads - Advertise exclusively on Replay TV

Enter a new advertising era with Replay Ads and reach the audience of time-shifted TV for the first time. Whether Start Ad, Pause Ad or Fast Forward Ad - with the innovative advertising solutions for Replay TV you can secure an exclusive and attention-grabbing advertising placement.

The advantages of a Replay Ad campaign

  • A larger audience: Reach a new target group and additional TV reach on time-shifted TV
  • Exclusive and high-quality advertising placement: Your message enjoys full attention
  • User-friendly form of advertising: short advertising blocks with targeted delivery
  • Brand safety: Played out in the familiar TV program environment
  • Efficient and creative complement to your linear TV campaign
  • Replay Ads content is assessed according to Swiss advertising law

Replay Ads in three formats

With Replay Ads, innovative advertising solutions are available to you. Choose between three formats that are broadcast in the corresponding usage situation.

Start Ad

Short commercial to start time-shifted TV use
  • Charged at 100% completed view
  • 5-7 seconds at the beginning of a replay session
  • Countdown is displayed
  • Not skippable

Pause Ad

Advertising when pausing the live program or time-shifted TV use
  • Static display advertising medium
  • Displayed during the entire break
  • Billing after 10 seconds of insertion
  • Playout possible according to WEMF business regions

Fast Forward

Commercials when skipping or fast-forwarding the linear commercial break in time-shifted TV use
  • Charged at 100% completed view
  • Max. 60 seconds per commercial
  • Not skippable
  • Pressing skip or fast forward button on remote control
  • Overlay, e.g. "2 of 3 spots left"

Pricing and specifications

Find out about the pricing and specifications of Replay Ads below.
Listed prices are gross CPM [CHF].

Spot Index - Fast Forward Ad only

Spot length
Spot length

Spot index

Placement surcharges

Placement surcharges

Surcharge in %
WEMF regions
(Pause Ads only)