Digital Audio Study 2023

Swiss Radioworld has analysed the use of digital audio in general and the effectiveness of audio advertising based on a real campaign.

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Game on!

Swiss Radioworld cooperates with Audiomob and brings in-game audio advertising to Switzerland. Reach gamers on their smartphones with your audio ads - during the game and without interruption!

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Audio goes creative

Swiss Radioworld and Publicis Media realise a creative audio campaign on Spotify for Cantadou. The product line and its own playlist are promoted cross-media. 

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Programmatic Audio Advertising

Programmatic Audio Advertising - Straight to Switzerland's ears with a Deal ID. Our digital advertising inventory is available for direct and automated buying. Whether Spotify, web radio or podcasts, you'll find the right inventoryI hre message with us.

Programmatic audio advertising definitely has a bright future ahead of it, and now is an excellent time to capitalize on an emerging trend.

FAQ about Programmatic Audio Advertising

How does Programmatic Audio Advertising work?

Programmatic advertising uses real-time bidding (RTB) technology to buy and serve ads. Advertisers set a budget, targeting criteria, and advertising themes in a demand-side platform (DSP). The DSP then places bids for ad inventory on supply-side platforms (SSP), which are websites and apps where ad space is available. The highest bidder wins the auction and its ad is displayed to the target audience.

What are Real-Time Biddings (RTBs)?

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a type of data-driven programmatic buying that allows marketers to purchase impressions in a split second via a real-time auction. When a visitor arrives on a website, the publisher immediately auctions off the available ad space, and the advertiser with the highest bid to the DSP wins the space for their ad.

What is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP)?

In its most basic form, a demand-side platform (DSP) is an advertising technology platform that represents the buy side (advertisers) in the acquisition of online advertising space and enables brands and agencies to acquire different types of inventory from many publishers through a single unified interface.

Advertisers can use a DSP to buy ads on publisher sites and target specific audiences using third-party data sources. The advertiser sends bids for ad space to the platform, and the DSP automatically allocates the ad impressions based on the bid price and the audience selection chosen by the advertiser.

Consequently, marketers benefit from precise ad placement and publishers from the best bid price for their inventory.

What is a Supply-Side Platform (SSP)?

Publishers use supply-side platforms (SSPs) to manage their inventory in the same way that advertisers use demand-side platforms (DSPs) to handle their programmatic ad buying. In other words, an SSP allows publishers to target different advertisers and sell ad space at the best possible price.

This automated system connects to an ad exchange and shares auction inventory through real-time bidding. By linking to many ad exchanges and expanding the publisher's visibility to potential buyers, the SSP is designed to maximize the amount publishers receive for each ad call.

An SSP also allows publishers to filter ads by specific categories of advertisers or channels and set variable prices for ad space to determine the most acceptable cost.

How can I buy audio inventory programmatically?

Provided we have all the information we need, we will create a Deal ID that you can use to programmatically shop our audio inventory.

Through which DSPs can audio inventory be purchased?
Audio Netzwerk / Podcast NetzwerkAudiomaticTambo / Hawk
Appnexux / XandrActive Agent
DV 360Oath
AdPerformThe Trade Desk
What information is required for deal creation?
  • Seat name and ID of the DSP used
  • The desired placements (Spotify, Audio Network and/or Podcast Network)
  • The desired formats
  • The desired targeting
  • The languages of the deals
Who can I contact if I want to purchase through Deals?

Please contact our sales unit or send us an email to [email protected].

What are the reasons why the received deal IDs do not receive impressions or bid requests?
  • Were the deals created on the right Seat?
  • How high is our bid? Are we bidding above the floor price of the deal?
  • Are special advertising materials used that cannot be played out or must be released?

Questions about Programmatic Audio Advertising

If you have any questions about Programmatic Advertsing, please contact our specialists. We will be happy to help you.

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