Advertising Services: Performance on all channels

Whether you want to use a campaign to increase your brand awareness, boost sales in your store or generate app downloads and more leads - Goldbach Manufaktur AG supports you from the strategy to the planning, buying and optimization to the reporting of your campaign. Our goal is always to optimize your campaign to the point where you are more than satisfied with the performance.

With websites, mobile apps, TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, marketplaces, auction and social media platforms and billboards, as well as our partners Goldbach, TX Group and Neo Advertising, you can reach over 90% of Swiss consumers.

You will benefit from these services:

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At the beginning of the success of your campaign is a media strategy, which we align together with you exactly to your needs. This enables us to plan the performance of your campaign right from the start in order to achieve the greatest possible impact for your advertising message with the appropriate target groups!

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We provide you with independent and neutral advice throughout the entire implementation of your campaign - in the form of a solution tailored to your individual needs. Benefit from our many years of experience and - depending on the task - from the additional know-how of our specialists, media and technology experts at Goldbach and the TX Group.



Our performance-optimized planning uses market and media studies to increase the interaction of classic and digital advertising. With the insights gained in this way, we can deliver your advertising message to the desired target group at the right time and place, and your advertising spend will achieve the greatest possible ROI.

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For us, it is clear that we handle your media budget as if it were our own. In other words, we optimize media purchasing and, as an independent service provider, guarantee you transparency and measurability at all times. We buy media services from the Goldbach and TX Group media portfolios, which means you can reach over 90% of the Swiss population across all media types.

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For us, performance means always getting the optimum - for you and your campaign. To this end, we constantly analyze your campaign. In our reporting system, campaign data from all online channels, as well as TV and radio, flow together in real time, giving you and us a complete overview in a clear dashboard. This gives us constant control over the cost and performance efficiency of your advertising spend.

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The dashboards form the basis of our comprehensive reporting for all advertising formats. It goes without saying that we are always in contact with you during the entire campaign and discuss the reports with you. This way, you always have an overview and we can make optimizations immediately. Our main focus is on achieving your predefined communication and business goals, not just on pure media performance values.

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Advantages of Advertising Services

  • 360° support across all media
  • Full service including continuous performance monitoring and optimization
  • Booking options at attractive conditions
  • One contact person during the entire campaign for the complete inventory of Goldbach and the TX Group

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