OOH advertising: dynamic outdoor advertising in the middle of everyday life

In our mobile society, people are often on the move - to work, shopping or traveling. In line with this, our OOH (Out of Home) offering covers thousands of advertising spaces across Switzerland. These include digital displays, megaposters and billboards. It is very important to us that your outdoor advertising is displayed where your customers are and where it generates the most attention. That is why our advertising spaces are located in places that are heavily frequented. In addition to major cities such as Zurich, Geneva, Berne or Winterthur, this includes Geneva Airport as well as more than 450 gas stations, 68 shopping centers or the Palexpo site in Geneva. This gives you the opportunity to reach millions of people every week with your outdoor advertising.

With OOH, you can reach existing and potential customers in the middle of their everyday lives, and usually at those places where purchasing decisions are made. As an up-close means of communication, outdoor advertising also increases the recall value of your message. Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) also gives you the opportunity to place your message only when it will have the greatest impact. To do this, we use weather or time targeting, for example. This way, your advertising reaches your customers at exactly the right time.

Advantages of outdoor advertising

  • Acceptance: OOH, especially DOOH, is perceived by people as informative and likeable
  • Reach: We play thousands of advertising spaces all over Switzerland and thus reach millions of people
  • Flexibility: DOOH enables dynamic adjustment of advertising media during your campaign
  • Attention: Advertising messages on our OOH advertising spaces in highly frequented locations generate a high level of attention
  • Targeting: With DOOH, you have the option to play your advertising message only in certain weather or at a specific time
  • Cross-media advertising: OOH advertising is the ideal accompanying medium for cross-media campaigns
  • 24/7: OOH advertising is also visible on weekends or at night