Expansion in the area of video on demand

Goldbach complements the portfolio with ZAPPN, the Swiss streaming app, and offers advertisers another brand-safe environment - with the bundling of well-known stations on just one advertising platform.

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Current articles on the topic of online

Are you interested in online advertising? Then stay up to date with our articles on online advertising.

Cross-media brand building for Feldschlösschen

20 Minuten and Picstars implemented a cross-media storytelling campaign for the non-alcoholic beer segment and the Valaisanne brewery.

Advertising on time-shifted TV: Goldbach’s TV portfolio now includes replay ads

The TV industry is launching a world premiere for TV advertising: The replay ads. This will allow advertisers to also address potential consumers specifically on time-shifted TV. 

Replay Ads - Advertising on time-shifted TV

Replay ads mark the beginning of a new advertising era, because advertising now is also possible on time-shifted TV. Find out what this new form of advertising on catch-up TV entails.

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Cookieless future: Goldbach implements data onboarding solution

Goldbach is implementing one of the first data onboarding solutions in Switzerland. This enables advertisers to access relevant target groups efficiently without the use of cookies.

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thAD easy #2: Advertise with Brandformance Ads

In the second episode of thAD easy, Oli Schibli shows how brand performance works. For maximum efficient performance campaigns.