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Enter a new world of TV advertising: Find a new target group and gain additional reach for your advertising message! Learn more about the new formats Start Ad, Pause Ad and Fast Forward Ad.

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World premiere in Swiss TV research

Swiss TV research is switching to a hybrid measurement. Alex Duphorn summarises the most important facts about Mediapulse's new measurement method and explains the advantages for the TV and advertising industry.

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TV advertising: big emotions and high reach

TV is and remains the most widely used medium. 90% of Swiss households own a TV set. Almost two-thirds of all Swiss people are reached by TV every day. This makes TV advertising a key tool for your advertising campaign. But it is not only the reach that makes TV advertising so effective. Generate strong emotions with your message on TV and be remembered longer and better by your audience. Whether you want to position your brand sustainably or build up product awareness as quickly as possible, TV puts your message in the spotlight in a way that attracts attention.

We manage your TV campaign before, during and after its runtime. In doing so, we make sure that your TV spot runs on the right channel at the right time. In our TV portfolio, we offer you every station category and environment, from sports to entertainment to info stations. This enables us to play out your advertising where your target group is located.

Benefit from our comprehensive TV portfolio and our experience and reach your target group directly at home with your TV campaign.

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Your TV campaign from A-Z

How do I book a TV campaign? When can I expect the reporting of my TV advertising? And who are my contacts? We have put the answers to all your questions about your TV campaign in a presentation for you. Take advantage of the benefits of TV for your brand and your advertising message, and run a TV campaign with us that hits the mark!

Advantages of TV advertising

  • Advertising impact: TV commercials are an emotional combination of moving image and sound, which ensures great advertising impact
  • Advertising recall: Products and brands advertised in TV commercials are remembered particularly well and for a long time
  • Reach: TV is consumed by all age and social groups. 90% of all Swiss households own a TV set
  • Credibility: People have great trust in television and thus in TV advertising
  • Target group-specific advertising: Thanks to our comprehensive TV station portfolio, we can play out your message in a way that is tailored to your target group
  • Accurate track record: Thanks to the precise measurement standard in the Swiss TV market, we provide you with reliable figures and KPIs