Responsibility with Passion

Our corporate culture is characterized by professional standards and fundamental ethical values, which guide our decisions and actions. We work in a dialog- and cooperation-oriented corporate culture, handle our resources sustainably and attach great importance to learning, growing, loyalty and honesty. This sense of corporate responsibility, both internally and externally, is reflected in our social, economic and ecological commitments.


Vision and mission statement

Passionate Goldbach is an expert and neutral aggregator of cross-media advertising inventory in a digital world. We provide the necessary infrastructure that enables brands to achieve their communication goals. Advertising customers are the focus of our actions. Through a customer-centric, programmatic and cross-media platform, we provide easy access to advertising inventory across all media genres in the DACH region for national and regional clients. Through convergent performance metrics that can be measured in real time, we enable automated and data-driven targeting of advertising content as well as optimized advertising contacts with the desired target group. We offer proprietary, cross-channel advertising formats and guarantee a secure brand environment. We are always clear about the ownership and usage rights of the data used. For direct clients, we offer customized performance marketing solutions.

For partners and clients, we offer a full service for advertising monetization of their products. We integrate them into our platform, our cross-media offering and our exclusive cross-channel products. We harness their data to enable revenue-maximizing and automated sales of their advertising inventory.

We achieve long-term relevance in a dynamically changing market environment through media synchronization, data expertise, customer proximity, exclusive mandates, and by making our service available to every customer group. To secure these prerequisites for our business model, we are ready to act, invest in technology and know-how, enter into partnerships for sales and technology, shape market standards and inspire passionate and motivated talent for our business. We operate in a dialog and collaboration-oriented corporate culture, manage our resources sustainably, and place a high value on learning, growing, loyalty, and honesty. In addition, we share the core beliefs of our shareholders and exclusive partners and participate in their strategy. Always focused on the needs of advertisers, we are always agile and on the pulse of the times to reinvent our business model.


Successful together - Goldbach as a responsible employer

An integral part of our corporate culture is respect for human rights and, in connection with this, compliance with the Ruggie Guiding Principles of the UN Human Rights Council.

Our greatest asset and the decisive success factor are qualified and motivated employees. We believe in equal rights for all employees and in an open and respectful working environment in which everyone can realize their full potential. We compensate equal effort regardless of gender, provided that the contribution to performance, experience and success also correspond. We have already been awarded the Kununu "Top Company" and "Open Company" seals of approval for the responsible treatment of our employees.

We offer our employees attractive employment conditions. These include market-, performance- and success-oriented compensation, flexible working hours, five weeks' vacation with the option of seven weeks (plus a day off on their birthday), modern social benefits and ergonomic workplaces.

In order to continuously develop the quality of our service and consulting and to optimally adapt to changing market situations and customer needs, we offer a diverse range of training opportunities. Employees benefit from introductory and specialist training courses at the Goldbach Academy, management and business seminars, as well as business-relevant training and quarterly information. To promote internal mobility, we launch an annual Change Day, where we create a culture of knowledge exchange, can further expand personal networks and cooperation between individual departments is improved.


Grow, learn, innovate - We promote media literacy

The Goldbach Group, as a Swiss media company operating in the DACH region, can make a significant contribution to the economy and the common good. Our core concern here is the teaching of media skills. Through Goldbach's involvement, children and young people should learn how to use the media consciously and, in particular, responsibly. This includes knowing how to satisfy their own need for information and entertainment through various forms of media use, but also media education, which focuses on critically questioning one's own media consumption and the corresponding content.

We take on this responsibility in the areas of "Learning and Growing" and "Innovation and Technology".

Learning and growing

Our concern is to provide young people with an education and give them the tools for a successful career. In addition to training apprentices in our various divisions, we also enable numerous interns to gain fundamental insights into the world of media during their studies. With this in mind, we annually present the Goldbach Group Award for the best master's degree in the field of business communication together with the HWZ - Hochschule für Wirtschaft.

Innovation and technology

Goldbach is an innovative company that operates in a dynamic environment on a daily basis. We want to actively shape the future and promote innovative ideas.

We maintain a long-standing partnership with the non-profit organization Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES). The Goldbach Group supports the Swiss association in its activities and, together with YES, presents the annual Media Award. Here, the school classes that have founded mini-companies as part of the Company Program present their business ideas to the jury. The winning team gets the chance to produce a commercial for their product, which is then broadcast on various TV stations.

As the world of media and therefore also the world of business is constantly changing, it is a central concern of ours to pass on our know-how not only internally to our employees, but also to externally interested persons. To this end, Goldbach organizes regular seminars and specialist events and compiles a monthly newsletter with industry-relevant information.

With the event series "Learn to Code", which was founded by the Swiss network We Shape Tech, Goldbach, together with the partners of Master21.Academy as well as Tamedia (today: TX Group) and the Cantonal Office for Gender Equality of the Canton of Zurich, was committed to promoting knowledge transfer and diversity in the field of coding and programming in 2019.


Environmental sustainability for future generations

It is a matter of course for us that our business activities are geared to long-term ecological sustainability in order to preserve the natural foundations of life for future generations. The most important cornerstone for us is resource-efficient management. Since 2001, we have been cooling our offices at our headquarters in Küsnacht-Zurich with water from the adjacent Lake Zurich, and heating them during the colder months with CO2-free heat. In addition, we are able to cover about 12 percent of our electricity needs with our in-house solar panels. In order to conserve resources in our day-to-day work, we rely on paperless printing and for our few prints we naturally use FSC and Ecolabel certified printer paper. It is important to us that Surfaces and laptops that are no longer used in Goldbach's daily operations are given a "second life". Numerous Goldbach devices are raffled off to our employees for private use or donated to schools and charitable projects.

Neo Advertising, Goldbach's OOH unit, is taking its social and environmental responsibility seriously in the long term with a zero-emissions strategy that will be implemented by the end of 2020. This involves fully offsetting the CO2 emissions generated from its own business activities with the help of national and international climate protection projects. The focus of these projects is on reducing deforestation, reforestation and the expansion of forest reserves. Other topics include electric and hybrid mobility, biogas production and support for the establishment of renewable energy production facilities. The carbon footprint and the measures derived from it to reduce CO2 emissions were determined in collaboration with the myclimate foundation.