Responsibility with Passion

Our corporate culture is shaped by professional standards and fundamental ethical values that form the basis of our decisions and actions. We work within a corporate culture that is based on dialogue and cooperation and use our resources sustainably. This sense of corporate responsibility, both internally and externally, is reflected in our social, economic and ecological commitments.


Vision and mission

Goldbach is an expert passionate about the digital world and a neutral aggregator for cross-media advertising inventory. We offer the necessary infrastructure that enables brands to reach their communications goals. The advertising client is the focus of our actions. Our client-focused, programmatic and cross-media platform offers national and regional clients easy access to advertising inventories in all media categories for the DACH region. Thanks to convergent performance metrics that can be monitored in real time, we offer automated and data-driven targeting of advertising content and optimised advertising contacts with the desired target audience. We offer our own cross-channel advertising formats and guarantee a safe market environment. We are always clear about the ownership and usage rights of the data in question. We offer individual performance marketing solutions for direct clients.

We offer partners and clients a full range of advertising monetisation services for their products. We integrate them into our platform, our cross-media services and our exclusive cross-channel products. We make the data usable in order to maximise profits and automate sales of the advertising inventory.

We achieve long-term relevance in a dynamically changing market environment through media synchronisation, data competence, client proximity and exclusive mandates, and by making our service available to every client group. In order to meet the requirements of our business model, we are able to act, invest in technology and expertise, form sales and technology partnerships, shape market standards and inspire passionate and motivated talented individuals for our business. Our corporate culture revolves around dialogue and cooperation. We manage our resources with a long-term mindset and attach great importance to learning, growing, loyalty, and honesty. In addition, we share the core ideas of our associates and exclusive partners and contribute to their strategy. With a focus on the needs of advertising clients, we are always agile and keep pace with the latest trends in order to reinvent our business model.

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Sharing our success – Goldbach as a responsible employer

Qualified, motivated employees are our greatest asset and crucial to our success. We are committed to providing an open, respectful working environment, where everyone is able to reach their full potential. At Goldbach, equivalent positions are remunerated irrespective of gender, provided that the performance, experience and success rate are also comparable. We guarantee attractive employment conditions for our staff. These include a market, performance and results-based remuneration package, flexible working hours, five weeks’ holiday, with an option of seven weeks (plus a paid day off for birthdays), modern social benefits and ergonomic work stations.

In order to constantly improve the quality of our service and consulting portfolio and optimally adapt to changing market situations and customer requirements, we provide a wide-ranging training and development programme. Employees benefit from internal induction and specialist training, management and business seminars, business-related courses and quarterly updates. In order to encourage internal mobility, we hold an annual Change Day that creates a culture of knowledge sharing, further develops personal networks and improves cooperation between individual departments.


Environmental sustainability for future generations

It goes without saying that Goldbach’s business activities are aimed at long-term environmental sustainability, in order to preserve natural resources for future generations.

  • CO2 emissions
    Reduction of CO2 is our primary objective, which is why we work with the non-profit myclimate foundation. To offset emissions that we cannot yet reduce, we make an appropriate financial contribution to climate protection in projects sponsored by myclimate. This year, we are supporting a project for efficient energy-saving and solar cookers in south-west Madagascar and a natural forest reserve project in the Beatenberg-Habkern region in the canton of bern.

    Our emissions are measured regularly by myclimate and we make every effort to consciously avoid them. Resource-efficient management is therefore an important pillar for Goldbach. In order to save resources in our day-to-day operations, all our offices are paperless and, of course, we use FSC and Ecolabel-certified paper for our limited printing needs. Other measures, such as business travel guidelines and raising employee awareness through sustainability events, are constantly being expanded.

  • Sustainability report
    As of 2023, it is mandatory for listed companies to produce a sustainability report. The Goldbach Group has thus provided the TX Group with figures, data and facts. Sustainability Report 2022