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OneID enables the targeted addressing of over 3 million users on high-quality advertising inventory from leading premium publishers in Switzerland.

Safe and high-quality environments for your ads

Video inventories of Goldbach Audience and 20 Minuten are the first to be certified with new digital ad trust label and meet the high quality requirements in the areas of Brand Safety, Ad Fraud, Visibility and User Experience.

Video portfolio
WEMF PAC certified

Programmatic Advertising - Reach the whole of Switzerland with just one Deal ID!

Our entire digital advertising inventory is available for both traditional and automated buying. With a reach of over 91%, this makes Goldbach the largest ad exchange in Switzerland.

Via the open marketplace (OpenRTB), you as an advertiser have the possibility to programmatically book the individual pages such as,,,, and many more, as well as the Goldbach Network.

Further placements such as individual sections of the pages "News", "Sport", "Economy", etc. or also our high-quality 1st party audience targeting can be obtained via so-called private deals.

FAQ about Programmatic Advertising

How can I make programmatic purchases from Goldbach Inventory?

Goldbach's digital inventory is available via Google Ad Exchange and Xandr to all programmatic buyers who make purchases through a Demand Side Platform (DSP).

What is the advantage of private deals over OpenRTB in terms of Goldbach's inventory?

Via the open marketplace (OpenRTB), advertisers have the opportunity to book the individual pages (run of site) as well as the Goldbach Network (run of network) programmatically.

Further placements, such as individual sections of the pages, e.g. "News", "Sports", "Business" or or the high-quality 1st party audience targeting can be obtained via a private marketplace (PMP/ Deal-IDs).

Who can I contact if I want to purchase through Deals?

Please contact our sales unit or email us at [email protected].

What information is required for deal creation?
  • Seat name and ID of the DSP used in the Google AdExchange and Xandr.
  • The desired formats
  • The desired placements (websites/ headings/ targetings)
  • The languages of the deals
Which branding formats can be purchased programmatically?

In addition to Wideboard and Halfpage Ad, large-scale formats such as Poster Ad, Sitebar Ad, Wideboard XL, Ricchi Ad or Videhead are also available programmatically.

What are the reasons why the received deal IDs do not receive impressions or bid requests?
  • Were the deals created on the right Seat?
  • How high is our bid? Are we bidding above the deal's floor price?
  • Do the formats used correspond to the stored formats of the deal?
  • Are special advertising media used that cannot be played or must be released?
Who do I contact if I have further problems with the deals?

In this case, contact [email protected].

Where does the data come from that is offered by Goldbach as audience targeting?

Own first party data is stored for all sold audience targeting deals. The data is collected anonymously on the TX Group websites (,,,, and many more) and combined into a data pool.

Questions about Programmatic Advertising

If you have any questions about Programmatic Advertsing, please contact our specialists. We will be happy to help you.

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Rahel Schneider
Head of strategic Sales / Dep. Director Agency Sales
Goldbach Audience AG - Küsnacht
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Goldbach Audience AG
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Christian Civiello
Key Account Manager
Goldbach Audience AG - Küsnacht
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Chiara Pucci
Key Account Manager
Goldbach Audience AG - Küsnacht
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Mickaël Bonenti
Digital Network Lead Romandie
Goldbach Audience AG - Lausanne
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Marc Meghji
Business Development Manager
Goldbach Audience AG - Küsnacht
Goldbach Audience AG

Contributions to Programmatic Advertising

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