Stunt Marketing - Maximum attention

Special stands out from the crowd. That goes for especially good and especially smart, but also for special marketing. Stunt marketing is the topic in our March Trend News. It's about particularly creative ideas to create as much attention and reach as possible for your own brand and message. Have fun!

Cocktails under water

The Scottish gin brand Hendrick's is sending its customers into the underwater world. Located in an aquarium in the Spanish city of Madrid, the bar called "Neptunia Pubmarine" offers an extraordinary experience amid sharks, rays and mermaids. Against the backdrop of a sunken Victorian-like world, guests in diving suits waft around the bar, where they are served drinks from pressure-resistant glasses. Thanks to custom-made scuba tanks and masks, drinking and breathing are possible at the same time. A portion of the profits will be donated to the marine conservation organization Project Seagrass.