The latest on AI

No sooner do you get used to it than it's old coffee again. In any case, this is how many people feel about AI. What is real, what is fake, where is AI behind it and what is still oldschool? Often, it is no longer possible to say for sure. Our October trend news looks at the latest trends on the subject - enjoy reading.

First purely AI-generated pop star in history

Virtual influencer Noonoouri, known for her large Instagram following and high-profile collaborations with fashion brands, has made history as the first purely digital pop star. Noonoouri was created by graphic designer Jörg Zuber and recently signed a record deal with Warner Music. She released her debut single "Dominoes" in collaboration with German DJ Alle Farben. Noonoouri's singing voice was created with the help of artificial intelligence, taking inspiration from real human voices.