Synchronize your TV commercials with a mobile campaign

While watching TV, viewers are increasingly dividing their attention between several media and devices. For example, they surf the Internet at the same time, preferably on a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this parallel use, new opportunities arise for advertisers to strengthen TV campaigns with an interactive dialog on mobile devices.

With TV SynchScreen, we deliver TV-synchronized mobile advertising in real time on all relevant public and private TV channels in the entire DACH region. Our product features fully automated TV spot recognition based on exclusive algorithms for decoding video and audio signals. On this basis, specific TV spots can be extended with mobile advertising and AdWords campaigns with pinpoint accuracy. This real-time, data-driven campaign targeting improves the matching of TV usage and mobile campaign reception.

Synchscreen formats

TKP, Brutto
DisplayCHF 28,-
VideoCHF 45,-

Two modules to choose from

Mobile module - synchronization of your TV spot with a mobile campaign

Search module - synchronization of your TV spot with a Google Search campaign

Advantages of a synch campaign

  • Real-time spot detection based on image and sound
  • Broad station portfolio for the DACH region including long tail All language areas for Switzerland
  • GRP weighting - Goldbach TV Synchscreen uses TV planning as a template for optimal and logistical playout of your mobile campaign