Goldbach secures exclusive marketing of TotalEnergies service station media network in Germany

Goldbach expands its portfolio with screens at gas stations and takes over the marketing of the new DOOH network of TotalEnergies Marketing Deutschland GmbH's Directorate Gas Stations.

Unterföhring, May 31, 2022 - Goldbach and the Directorate of Gas Stations of TotalEnergies Marketing Deutschland GmbH have agreed on a cooperation in advertising marketing: In the coming years, up to 800 TotalEnergies GmbH service stations will be equipped with screens, which Goldbach will market exclusively with immediate effect. The focus is on the mobile target groups, which are reached via several touchpoints in the gas station area: Via screens in portrait format in the entrance and exit area to tablet screens in the checkout area. The exclusive marketing mandate of many years allows both national campaigns as well as regional campaigns, which can be booked classically or programmatically.

Gas stations are changing into a mix of convenience store and mobility hub. They are increasingly becoming a point of contact for people who want to stock up on essentials while on the move or benefit from long opening hours and short distances. The constant expansion of the store and service offerings has greatly changed the usage behavior of visitors and now plays an increasingly important role alongside the refueling process and soon charging process.

In Berlin, the first screens are already in operation. The national rollout will start in May 2022, and up to 800 locations are expected to be on the network in the coming years.

Claudia Zayer, Unit Director DOOH at Goldbach, says: "We see the TotalEnergies locations as mobility hubs that are predestined to intensify the advertising appeal to mobile target groups and, above all, to expand it outside metropolitan areas. We are very excited about this new partnership and look forward to the upcoming collaboration."

Steffen Eckert, Head of Marketing for the Service Station Directorate at TotalEnergies Marketing Deutschland GmbH, adds, "The installation of digital screens in our TotalEnergies service stations opens up new communication channels for us. Digitization enables us to inform our customers about the current offer on site as well as to attract advertising partners. We are delighted to have found a marketing partner in Goldbach that is successfully driving the digital-out-of-home sector."

Goldbach specializes in the technology-oriented marketing of moving images. Its offering ranges from digital-out-of-home to online video and advanced TV to a versatile linear TV offering.


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