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Letter to my younger self: Frank Möbius

In a letter to themselves on Absatzwirtschaft.de, well-known marketing minds look back. This time: Frank Möbius, Managing Director at Goldbach Germany. He writes about mansions in Beverly Hills and his fascination with new technologies.

Hi young Frank,

Today I'd like to share a few words of wisdom with you that have stood me in good stead over the last few years. A lot of things have just happened without a concrete plan behind them. But perhaps that's the most important piece of advice for you: Do what you enjoy and what fascinates you.

Your interest in modern technologies and new media should be mentioned above all. This has accompanied you throughout your life and has always paved the way for you. From local radio and television in the early 90s, you went to the predecessor of SevenOne Media, the former MediaGruppe München. You experienced the golden age of linear television. One of the many highlights of the golden age was being invited by investor Haim Saban to his villa in Beverly Hills for a barbecue.

Selfie with US President Bill Clinton

There was lobster and steaks from the grill - neighbor David Foster, a Canadian songwriter, producer and composer, brought along jazz singer Renee Olstead as his musical guest. The star guest of the evening was none other than former President Bill Clinton! He not only shared wisdom from his recently published biography "My Life", but also patiently posed for photos with the guests.

You found your fascination in the use of new technologies: New gadgets and their optimal use still fascinate you today. In 1996, you had your first cell phone permanently installed in your company car. In 2005, you had the first Maxdome streaming box at home. It was revolutionary: suddenly you could choose what content you wanted to watch on TV and when. You were thrilled and so were your guests. Today, 18 years later, streaming has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Enjoying technology and media

The entire media landscape has changed dramatically as a result of advancing technological change. Everything has gone digital: OOH billboards have become screens, video consumption is no longer just on TV, but also on smartphones, desktops and tablets. Even the buying of advertising time has been digitized and automated: from 30-second spot sales with a handshake to programmatic buying via DSPs and SSPs, based on real-time data.

But don't worry, younger Frank! You've always had your finger on the pulse and still enjoy technology and media today.

Keep going!


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