Connected TV Ads

Reach viewers before they actively search for content on their internet-connected smart TV and enter leanback mode. You only reach viewers before content with Connected TV Ads. This creates the opportunity to use the TV digitally and measure user behavior. This new target group can be reached in terms of advertising, which will never be possible with other streaming platforms.

Advantages of Connected TV Ads

  • Incremental Reach: additional contacts within the Smart TV audience additive to the linear TV audience reach.
  • Brand Involvement & Content Activation: numerous creative possibilities - video, URL, app, image
  • Well-known, audiovisual advertising formats and targeting criteria from the online world
  • Brand Safety
Best Case: BILLA
Billa Case Bild.PNG

Campaign Key Facts

  • Placement: RON in Connected TV ads network (LG; Philips)
  • Period: 02.03-28.03.2021
  • Campaign country: Austria
  • Product: Billa Online Shop
  • Creatives: 1 Creative Package, usable throughout the network
  • Performance measurement: via Double Click Manager