Digital out of Home is known as a mass medium that primarily reaches people in their daily lives in shopping malls, on the street, in pedestrian zones, or even at the subway station. Target groups are confronted with outdoor advertising in a wide variety of situations. Large and expressive DOOH screens play out advertising spots to inform or entertain the target group.

In today's world, it goes without saying that the issue of sustainability has become an integral part of the advertising landscape. The Digital out of Home advertising medium already offers several advertising placements that enable customers to advertise in a climate-neutral environment. This includes, for example, the latest technology and innovation called CityBreeze, which makes it possible to place advertising on a DOOH stele with an integrated moss filter for fresh air. Other new and climate-neutral advertising opportunities like high-quality e-charging stations offer advertisers to place advertising in a green environment.


The latest technology offers advertisers the opportunity to place advertisements on high-quality DOOH screens with integrated real moss filters. The moss of the CityBreeze steles filters smallest particles like fine dust, viruses, bacteria, but also smells and gases from the air and enriches it with oxygen. In addition, the evaporative power of the moss cools the air by several degrees. This creates real fresh-air oases with a forest scent around the digital information points.

The innovative moss steles can be booked on the MALL Channel and City Network and are also programmatically integrated. It offers the optimal opportunity for advertisers to advertise in a climate-neutral environment!

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What is a CityBreeze?

A CityBreeze is a DOOH stele that generates fresh air for its surroundings with a built-in moss filter on the back. The screens have a size of 75 inches and provide a crisp image.

Our CityBreeze Steles are bookable in our MALL Channel and City Network!

How does a CityBreeze function?

The heart of a CityBreezes is a compressed moss wall of about 2m2. According to the Leaf Area Index, this area corresponds to an active and purifying moss area of about 60m2

With the help of a ventilation system, warm, polluted city air is passed through the moss surface, thereby purifying and cooling it. Afterwards, it can be discharged again as a fresh and clean breeze. Vitality can be detected by the built-in sensors. A unique bio-algorithm controls the optimal supply, saving resources and also enhancing the natural performance of CityBreeze screens.

Advertisement on CityBreeze Screens

The advertising opportunities on a CityBreeze are unique and come with many benefits:

  • Premium product for a digital brand communication
  • New innovative DOOH advertising medium
  • Highly interesting for customers with climate-neutral campaign orientation
  • Green moss back wall provides a high level of attention
  • Unique bio-technology
  • Environmental sensors capture real-time performance and environmental data


New innovative advertising spaces are being created more and more, including now on e-charging stations from a fast-charging infrastructure provider. New in Goldbach's digital out of home portfolio is the possibility to place advertising messages on e-charging stations for EVs (Electric Vehicles). 

The mobility revolution is in full swing and so is the opportunity to create advertising in new environments. Outdoor advertising is especially helpful to reach and address mobile target groups, which is exactly what is achieved with screens on e-charging stations. Here, advertisers reach the target group in a waiting situation - so the advertising can be perceived optimally.

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The 75-inch screens at e-charging stations can currently be found in supermarket parking lots as well as at hardware store parking lots. Additional locations with other partners are being expanded. In addition to POS locations, the expansion of the network also takes into account other locations that allow the e-car charging process to be conveniently integrated into everyday life.

By the end of 2024, up to 500 charging stations will be built at 250 locations across Germany. The e-charging stations can be booked on the DOOH MOBILITY Channel.

Advertising on e-charging stations reaches new target groups

Advertising on e-charging stations is an attractive way to optimally place outdoor advertising. Advantages for this are the following:

  • Innovative and attention-grabbing advertising opportunity
  • Reach a sustainable target group
  • Reach high-income target group that is in a position to spend
  • Oversized modern 75 inch screens
  • High-quality advertising placement at the point of sale
  • Urban and suburban marketing - urban and countryside locations


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Mall Channel

CityBreeze Screens available in the Mall Channel. Also programmatically bookable!

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City Network

CityBreeze screens in pedestrian zones bookable in our CIty Network. Also programmatically bookable!

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Mobility Channel

All e-charging stations are bookable in the Mobility Channel. Also programmatically bookable!

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