Digital out-of-home specialist Goldbach Austria expands its own network

Commuters in focus: main Klosterneuburg-Vienna route with new BIG SCREEN

All roads lead to Vienna. This is why the screen marketer Goldbach is now increasingly taking advantage of busy roads around urban centers and expanding its digital out-of-home network accordingly. From now on, a large, eye-catching LED screen can be used to advertise on Wiener Straße in Klosterneuburg - the only entry/exit road to/from Vienna in the neighboring municipality with high purchasing power. The VideoWall automatically changes the orientation of the advertising messages depending on the time of day - in the morning towards Vienna, in the evening towards Klosterneuburg.

The new addition in Klosterneuburg complements the corresponding locations on the main entry routes at Josef Palme Platz (near Auhof), B17 Guntramsdorf, Brunn am Gebirge (Wiener Straße/Brunner Straße) and Fischamend.

The highly frequented new location is situated on one of Vienna's most important commuter entry and exit roads, making it an important piece of the puzzle for national or regional campaigns in and around Vienna and also extremely important for addressing local target groups. It thus offers national and local relevance in symbiosis, supplemented by quality and local significance. The screen is not only large, highly visible, digital and controllable, but also predestined for special installations or special forms of advertising due to the special structure of the location. There are no limits to creativity.

Goldbach Austria Sales Director Marcus Zinn is delighted about the prominent new location in his DOOH network.

With a total of 8,500 screens from 40 partners at 874 locations, Goldbach Austria's DOOH portfolio is the largest digital outdoor advertising network with the widest reach in Austria. The 61 Goldbach-owned advertising spaces in the city and roadside areas optimally complement the existing marketed locations in the portfolio.

In the last 3 months alone, Goldbach Austria's own network has recorded an increase of 15 new sites. Of the total of 61 screens, 23 are LED, 27 screens in displays (16:9 or 9:16) and 11 portrait-format steles (9:16). The current expansion focus is on Vienna, including the catchment area/speck belt around the capital. But the portfolio is also growing in the federal states: new Goldbach screens have now also been installed in Vöcklabruck, Hollabrunn, Gmunden, Lienz, Kapfenberg and Neusiedl am See.

Philipp Hengl, Product and Partner Manager DOOH at Goldbach Austria and responsible for the expansion of the network, comments on the new location: "For Goldbach, the newly acquired location on Wiener Straße in Klosterneuburg not only represents an expansion of our DOOH network, but also exemplifies the innovative use of public space in the digital advertising landscape. DOOH Roadside spaces are an incomparable platform for advertisers to reach their target groups dynamically and with high relevance. The unique ability of our digital advertising spaces to adapt messages in real time, responding to the time of day and audience, sets new standards in the industry. With advancing digitalization and our technological pioneering role in programmatic DOOH, we are ideally positioned to take full advantage of the opportunities arising from this development. Furthermore, entry and exit routes to Vienna represent an ideal opportunity to place eye-catching advertising."