Goldbach Audience ÖWA REICHWEITEN UPDATE February 2024

Here you can find the latest ÖWA figures for our marketing network:

The number of unique users increased to 3.2 million in February (3,262,851 to be precise). The net reach of our offers collected via the ÖWA is therefore 46.03%. Monthly visits in February amounted to 28,276,993 and page impressions to 90,517,291.

In January, 51.55% of our network audience was female and 48.45% male.

The following offers are measured using ÖWA as part of the Goldbach Audience Marketing Company: heute.at, kronehit.at, mail.a1.net, world.a1.net, kochbar.de and yesss.at.

All other offers marketed by us are not integrated into the measurement.

Source: ÖWA February 2024, unique users: basis Austrian internet users aged 14 and over, source: AIM (Info)