Goldbach Audience ÖWA RANGE UPDATE March 2022

In March, our marketing network, as measured by the ÖWA, posted significant gains in unique users, visits, and page impressions compared with the previous month.

The number of unique users rose by nearly 72,000 to 4,512,606, resulting in a net reach of 64.13%. Visits increased by over 4.7 million to 59,278,108 and page impressions by over 22 million to 193,408,864.

Using ÖWA, the following offers are measured as part of the Goldbach Audience marketing company:cineplexx.at,drei.at,falstaff.at,heute.at,kronehit.at,mail.a1.net,world.a1.net andyesss.at.

All other offers marketed by us are not integrated into the measurement.

Source: ÖWA March 2022, unique users: basis Austrian Internet users aged 14+, source: AIM (info).