Goldbach Austria expands Addressable TV offering

Bigger, longer, more precise, easier to plan - Goldbach is now expanding its addressable TV portfolio on the stations it markets with four new attention-grabbing advertising formats. This means that the opportunities for advertising customers in this new media genre are growing not only due to technological developments, but also due to creative new design options.

Goldbach Austria is successively expanding its Advanced TV offering. With immediate effect, four additional Addressable TV advertising formats can be booked on the TV channels DMAX Austria, TLC Austria, SPORT1 Austria and Comedy Central Austria.

Alexander Leitner, Managing Director Digital at Goldbach Audience Austria: "After the first experiences in the area of Addressable TV, we have adapted our advertising formats exactly to the needs of our advertising customers. Depending on the needs, our solutions now allow larger formats, longer display duration as well as the integration of microsites, videos, and much more. What they all have in common are the advantages that Addressable TV offers: Targeted media control through frequency capping and multiple targeting options on e.g. location, weather, demographics or content, interactivity and measurability of the campaign. Our customers receive exclusive placements detached from the commercial breaks and benefit from the high attention of the viewers through the insertion during switching."

The classic among the addressable TV formats at Goldbach Austria is the "Switch In XXL" format. Here, the ad is faded in for 10 seconds after the switch on the respective channel. Optionally, a microsite in fullscreen view or a video can be added, which opens after clicking on the advertising medium, while the linear TV program continues to run uninterrupted in the background or scaled in L-frame.

The new "Switch In XXL EXTENDED" format for extra-long display duration works in the same way as "Switch In XXL". The banner dimensions are also identical. However, the display duration is 15 sec. instead of 10 sec., moreover, the use of microsites is also possible, animation (VPAID) is mandatory for this advertising medium.

"Switch In ZOOM" is the optimal solution for large-scale TV ads. Here, too, the mechanics work analogously to "Switch In XXL", but the standardized banner dimensions allow 25% more surface area compared to the XXL format. Microsites are possible.

"Switch In MASTHEAD" allows guaranteed daily fixed placements at fixed prices with volume guarantee (dynamic). Here too, as with Switch in Zoom, the standardized banner dimensions allow 25% more space compared to XXL and microsites can be integrated.

With "Switch In SPOT/BUMPER", the advertising is displayed in the program environment after the switch, the Switch In Spot lasts 10 seconds, Switch In Bumper 6 seconds. During this process, viewers are shown a countdown until the program continues. All targeting options can be used with this form of advertising, and the integration of microsites is also possible here. The big advantage: selective targeting.

All Addressable TV formats can be used immediately on the TV stations of the Goldbach network.