Goldbach Austria starts marketing dynamic ad insertion spots

As of now, Goldbach Austria can book DAI spots on the big screen - via A1 Xplore-TV boxes, which enable addressable TV advertising in the Connected TV area. Spots can thus be played out on the TV set in a personalized and targeted manner depending on the target group. In the development of this innovation in the advanced TV sector, the competencies of marketing professional Goldbach and technology leader A1 complement each other. It is now possible to advertise exclusively on prominent TV brands such as Warner TV, HGTV, TELE 5, Deluxe Music and Euronews.

With the new ad insertion offers, the screen marketer is expanding its Advanced TV portfolio, which also includes Addressable TV, Connected TV Spots, Smart TV Ads and the platform brands DAZN, Discovery+ and Pluto TV. For the first time and exclusively in Austria, the new DAI spots can now additionally be used for advertising on the TV channels Deluxe Music, TELE 5, HGTV and Warner TV Film, Series and Comedy as well as Euronews. The Dynamic Ad Insertion portfolio will be gradually expanded.

"With DAI Spots, advertisers can now use the familiar and proven format of TV spots for hard-to-reach viewers in station environments that were previously not bookable in Austria. Soon even supplemented by targeting solutions for e.g. location, gender or age. In this way, we are making optimal use of the digital possibilities of the TV medium and creating another channel to significantly increase the net reach of linear TV programming - and to provide the advertising industry with even more high-quality advertising environments. ", Wolfgang Pernkopf, Sales Director TV & Advanced TV at Goldbach, summarizes the advantages of the newly available product.

"For the first time, it is possible to address target groups on linear TV via A1 Xplore-TV boxes. This now also allows advertising to be placed directly via the boxes on channels that were previously not available for Austrian advertising. The advertising block of linear live TV or non-linear TV content displayed in the TV stream is thereby replaced by alternative or target group-specific advertising content - also known as ad stitching. The advertising played to a household is personalized accordingly and thus differs from the conventional, classic TV advertising block. The impression-based booking option for moving image advertising and reporting based on AdViews and View Through Rate also distinguish this form of advertising," adds Phillip Pelz, Head of Product & Partner Management Advanced TV.

"DAI makes TV advertising personalizable. In addition, there is an exploitation of previously unmarketed channels - thus more inventory is available to the Austrian advertising market. Added to this are the advantages of digital advertising such as transparency, measurability and campaign control. Combined with shorter lead times, the possibility of regionalization and, last but not least, an increase in value creation in Austria. Advertisers benefit immensely from the new big screen form of advertising," also emphasizes Matthias Lorenz, Chief Transformation, Market & Corporate Functions Officer at cooperation partner A1.