Kinder Maxi King is king among youth brands in Q4 2023

Goldbach Youngstar survey identifies Kinder Maxi King ahead of Opel and Lavazza as the currently most youthful brands.

As part of the quarterly Youngstar survey conducted on behalf of Goldbach Austria, the Kinder Maxi King snack was named the country's most youthful brand in Q4 2023 with a score of 52.7, ahead of the Opel car brand (47.9) and Lavazza coffee (44.6). The study evaluates brands from the perspective of young people and the young at heart in terms of their vitality.

While Maxi King was already ranked first among the ten brands surveyed before the commercial was shown, the Lavazza coffee brand and Opel clearly demonstrated the influence a commercial can have on viewers' perceptions. Lavazza was ranked 6th in the current wave before the commercial was viewed, while Opel was ranked 7th in terms of youthfulness. Viewing the commercial even catapulted Opel to 1st place in the evaluation of the commercial and in the before-and-after comparison, while the Lavazza commercial was rated 3rd in terms of youthfulness. Opel was also able to significantly increase its score with this commercial compared to the last campaign surveyed.

The Maxi King spot scored particularly well in the criteria "modern", "entertaining", "active" and "vital" - here, increases of up to 13% more approval were recorded among respondents.

The biggest surprise effect for respondents came from the traditional car brand Opel. The attribution of characteristics by the study participants changed enormously in comparison before/after viewing the commercial. While "traditional" and "down-to-earth", "conservative" were still leading by a wide margin as the top 3 criteria before the commercial, approval turned around completely, so that after the commercial the criteria "modern" and "conservative" were in the lead. After the commercial, the criteria "modern", "active", "powerful, full of energy" and "innovative, novel" received top scores. While only 10% of respondents rated the brand as youthful before viewing the commercial, this figure rose to 31% afterwards, an increase of 21%. The value for the "modern" attribute even rose by 23%. At the same time, criteria such as traditional, down-to-earth and conservative fell by up to 33%.

According to Spot, the criterion "modern" also replaced the criterion "traditional" at Lavazza, which was still in the lead before the analysis.

The attribute classification for "modern", for example, rose by 13% in the before/after comparison. The commercial also scored highly for originality and innovation/novelty and entertaining, youthfulness.

The Goldbach Youngstar is determined quarterly on the basis of a quantitative study by the Austrian Gallup Institute as the brand that is considered the "most vital and youngest" in the young and young-at-heart target group. The score, which forms the basis of the result, is made up of 3 sub-scores: Brand - Spot - Before/after comparison.