Magenta advertises with novel video-animation combo on Heute.at

First campaign with special advertising format Dynamic Head implemented

The innovative spirit of mobile communications provider Magenta Telekom is also reflected in its advertising strategy. The company is also a first mover in this area and is the first to use the innovative Dynamic Head advertising medium for its current image campaign, which can be seen on Heute.at from April 17 to May 24.

The special feature of this new special format launched by Goldbach Austria is the combination of video and animation. The Dynamic Head starts with a full-format video that is placed above the editorial content. If the user scrolls, the ad zooms continuously to billboard size and remains on the page as a sticky banner. The video can be placed either on the right or on the left, the other side of the billboard then consists of an animation.

"Via the large-format video, it is very easy to emotionally pick up users with the advertising message and create awareness for the campaign. The performance values such as VTR and CTR are also very well given via the outlined mechanism as a combination of video and animation as well as the characteristic as a sticky banner," describes the newly appointed Head of Online Sales at the media marketer Goldbach Austria, Michael Aistleitner, the special feature of the advertising medium. "We are pleased that Magenta regularly relies on Heute.at and our broad portfolio of special advertising formats for its campaigns and has confidence in innovations. It takes exactly such open, innovation-friendly companies in advertising," adds Aistleitner. Incidentally, the Dynamic Head advertising medium will also be convertible to mobile in the future.

"Our newly launched image campaign focuses on more emotion, humanity and attitude. The goal is to make it possible for people to experience real emotional connection through telecommunications. An advertising medium with high visibility and strong impact such as the Dynamic Head newly launched by Goldbach is excellently suited for this purpose. We are delighted with the successful implementation," says Herbert Schöberl, SVP Digital Business at Magenta Telekom, describing the perfect fit of the advertising medium for his campaign.

EssenceMediacom was responsible as the implementing agency. "We are always happy to implement new forms of advertising together with Magenta to strengthen the impact of the campaign. Especially when it's such a successful implementation as the Dynamic Head," comments Cathrin Fuchs, Account Manager at EssenceMediacom, on the novel campaign.