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Copyright ÖWA, Photographer: Martina Berger

ÖWA Board re-elected

At the 22nd General Assembly of the Austrian Web Analysis (ÖWA), a review of a successful year 2021 and an outlook on the first publication of online reach in the media planning tool "Zervice" after two years took place. The ÖWA board was confirmed and re-elected for two years.

As a joint list, the existing ÖWA Board stood for election and was re-elected at the 22nd General Assembly of ÖWA on 4.5.2022. In the constituent board meeting Georg Doppelhofer (RegionalMedien Austria) was confirmed as president. For the next two years, he will be assisted - as before - by Stefan Lauterer (ORF Online and Teletext) and Mirko Popofsits (Wavemaker) as Vice Presidents.

Josef Almer (Goldbach Audience Austria, treasurer), Niki Fellner (oe24; deputy treasurer), Hermann Petz (New Media Online, secretary) and Sylvia Dellantonio (willhaben internet service, deputy secretary) were appointed as board members with function for the next two years.

Further members of the ÖWA board are: Nikolaus Beier (Sportradar Media Services), Roman Breithofer (Media 1 Mediaplanung), Georg Burtscher (Russmedia Digital), Xenia Daum (Content Performance Group), Michael Drexler (VGN Digital), Michael Eder (Krone Multimedia), Martin Gaiger (k-digital Medien), Gerlinde Hinterleitner (Standard-Verlagsgesellschaft) and Petra Hruska (IPG Mediabrands).

ÖWA looks back on a successful 2021: with the publication of monthly reach figures (unique users) for the participating online offerings, a quantum leap was made in the transparency of the online market in Austria. The publication of the first plannable data set in the media planning tool "Zervice" after two years is imminent on May 17.

The ÖWA is the only comparable and published web analysis in Austria. It was founded in 1998 with the aim of collecting objective figures for the Internet and promoting the online advertising market. In addition to the measurement indicators page impressions, visits and unique clients, it has been publishing monthly reach figures (unique users) for all of ÖWA's online offerings since 2021. ÖWA has 69 members and 6 licensees, consisting of advertisers, agencies and marketers. It collects and publishes monthly data for 125 online offerings and 4 marketing associations.