Programmatic DOOH on the rise

Screens from Digilight now complement Goldbach's programmatic DOOH offering

The number of digital outdoor advertising spaces within the Goldbach DOOH network that can be booked programmatically is progressing. With immediate effect, the programmatic DOOH offering is being expanded to include 82 DOOH advertising spaces from marketing partner Digilight. This makes Goldbach not only the marketer of the most comprehensive DOOH network but also the provider with the most programmatically bookable screens in Austria. In total, the Goldbach network comprises more than 8,000 Austria-wide screens, making it the country's widest-reach digital out-of-home network*.

"Programmatic is the future. Goldbach recognized this early on and has been working for years on building and expanding the technical possibilities in the DOOH sector. The future is now: With the recent addition of Digilight's inventory to our programmatic network, we are taking outdoor advertising to a new level and helping advertisers to create unprecedented precisely-targeted advertising campaigns that engage recipients through their intelligent delivery by weather, location, circumstance. Together with Digilight as a cooperation partner, we want to successively expand the reach in the programmatic DOOH area," says Goldbach Austria CEO Josef Almer, pleased about the new technological solutions, which are now also bookable in reality in a relevant range.

More efficient and intelligent campaigns through Programmatic Advertising

In practice, this means that the advertising impact is optimized through the use of data and dynamic playout. This results in targeting options for weather, time, location, micro moments such as pollen warnings, CO2 values, events, etc. The campaign guidelines can be defined by the client. The campaign guidelines can be individually defined by the client. Automated reporting over the entire campaign duration also enables flexible optimization measures in real time. Last but not least, efficiency is increased by the improved knowledge of the customer journey and by the new standards in flexibility and measurability.

The Digilight advertising spaces, which can now be booked programmatically, include the new high-resolution video walls in Tullnerfeld (37m²), Wiener Neustadt (13m²), Kittsee (17m²) and all the steles on the Badener Bahn.In several rollout phases, all Digilights and more than 80 Digiboards will be connected via Goldbach and Digilight technology this year. The currently newly available Digilight advertising spaces will be integrated into the Goldbach Channels Bahnhof, City and Roadside.

Many years of successful cooperation

Goldbach and Digilight already jointly implemented the first programmatic bookings in Austria in 2016. Due to the then still limited number of connected DSPs on the agency and customer side, as well as the now changed technological framework conditions, this innovative booking option was most recently relaunched.
After the successful resumption of the programmatic Goldbach DOOH network through the connection of station screens of ÖBB Werbung in the fall of 2020, the Digilight inventory was now programmatically connected. The first step in this direction has now been completed and the first 67 Digilight screens are now also programmatically bookable for advertising customers via well-known DSPs (Active Agent, Adform, ...).

Digilight Managing Director Kurt Schügerl: "From a technological point of view, the digital outdoor advertising market in Austria is very heterogeneous. We have used the last few months to deepen our understanding of technology and test new approaches. Together with technology partners, Goldbach and our software experts, we have managed to develop a plug-and-play standard for various CMS platforms. This standard will enable us to unlock many more DOOH screens for programmatic booking systems before the end of the year. Digilight has thus, in addition to marketing digital advertising space, once again taken a step further towards becoming a system provider for hardware, software, maintenance, operation of DOOH installations."

With the new programmatic booking options, advertisers now have the ability to directly control advertising campaigns themselves, quickly change advertising media and access reporting in near real-time. "We thus create scope for creativity and short-term reactions to changing conditions, in real time and without additional costs," Kurt Schügerl sums up the advantages of Programmatic DOOH.

*AmbientMeter study 2019: Advertisers reach 62.1% of all Austrians aged 14-69, making the Goldbach DOOH network the widest-reach comprehensive overall offering in the field of digital outdoor advertising in Austria.