Record year for Heute.at with 102 percent more visits

Historic success for the digital offerings of Heute.at: On Wednesday, the Austrian Web Analysis (ÖWA) published the data for December. 32,974,218 visits and accesses from 6,610,044 different end devices (unique clients) complete the best annual result since the start of online operations in 2006. The all-time high of an average of 26.8 million visits per month in 2020 represent an increase of 102 percent compared to the previous year.

Heute.at Managing Directors Wolfgang Jansky and Marcel Kohler: " Heute.at' s excellent figures show the readers' enormous need for information in this special year, but also that the editorial team has always stayed on the ball and quickly published the information and backgrounds they wanted. For this, it deserves a heartfelt thank you."

Heute.at Editor-in-Chief Clemens Oistric joins in the thanks: "The crisis year 2020 was truly a marathon, not a sprint. Despite the tight pace, my team didn't run out of steam until the very end - on the contrary, we already recorded an average of more than one million visits to Heute.at every day throughout the entire fourth quarter."

Alexander Leitner is also impressed by this significant increase in reach: "This benefits our advertising customers in particular," says the managing director of the Goldbach Group, which markets Heute .at. "In addition to the considerable reach, advertising companies at Heute.at benefit from a broad spectrum of selected departments and areas of interest with a high level of brand safety, which provides an optimal environment for their advertising messages. All this on all devices and with comprehensive creative special advertising formats," says Leitner.

The entire editorial team is delighted that Heute.at has recently been able to leave numerous competitors far behind: "It shows that a modern tabloid style with a twinkle in the eye is well received by users. In 2021, we will continue to focus on stories that reflect the realities of our readers' lives," promise Heute.at editors-in-chief Clemens Oistric and Peter Frick.

During the biggest health crisis, the Heute.at umbrella offering is also growing continuously and in December reported 101,689,100 page impressions, 36,847,376 visits and 8,785,923 unique clients. The Heute.at umbrella offering includes the informative and dynamic news portal Heute.at and Austria's largest health portal netdoktor.at.

Source: ÖWA Basic, JS, December, 2019, 2020