Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG as an employer

Goldbach Media markets TV and video in Switzerland. Our services include media planning, marketing, booking, handling and controlling. With our diverse TV station portfolio from Switzerland and abroad, we offer high-reach, target-group-specific advertising playout. Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG is a sub company of Goldbach Group AG based in Küsnacht. Goldbach Group AG operates mainly in Switzerland, Austria and Germany and is a TX Group company.

Work location

Goldbach Media's employees are based at three locations in Switzerland.

Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG

Seestrasse 39

CH-8700 Küsnacht

T +41 44 914 91 00

F +41 44 914 93 60

[email protected]

Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG

Aeschenplatz 7

CH-4052 Basel

T +41 61 333 00 60

[email protected]

Benefits for employees

  • Flexible working hours and mobile office options
  • A market-, performance- and success-oriented compensation package
  • Know-How Improvement: ongoing training by media experts
  • Five weeks vacation with option for 7 weeks
  • Opportunity for unpaid vacation
  • Additional half days off before certain holidays
  • Paid day off on birthday
  • Seniority gift every 5 years
  • Personnel placement commission
  • Numerous benefits e.g. cell phone subscription, bicycle rental, car purchase

Employees at Goldbach Media