20 Minuten's ReSurf network unites over 1.5 million fans and followers

tSocial'sReSurf network has reached another milestone: it now unites over 1.5 million fans and followers. The network consists of over 50 differentReSurf verticals and reaches over 5 million people every week. Since this year, tSocial is also present on TikTok, Giphy and Pinterest.

Zurich, August 26, 2021 - 20 Minuten's social media advertising unit, tSocial, is usingReSurf verticals to extend the lifespan of articles already published by 20 Minuten and Tamedia media. Existing articles and videos are prepared for specific topics and presented to an additional audience on the platforms. TheReSurf verticals include over 50 Facebook pages and Instagram accounts on all kinds of topics and fields of interest, such as interior design, technology and gadgets, animals, maternity or local circumstances. The verticals that provide current and entertaining content on the cities of Zurich, Bern, Lausanne and Geneva are particularly attractive, because this regional information attracts large communities.

In addition to their own activity, it is primarily the activity of the users that helps the pages and accounts to be successful. The engagement rate of social media users plays a central role in attracting new fans and followers and thus in the growth of the network. Maintaining and regularly posting relevant content encourages users* to respond to posts. By liking, sharing or commenting, the post also gains visibility outside the network.

Eloy Martinez, Head of Social Media Advertising at 20 Minuten: "The basic thesis on which tSocial is based, that not only brands but also topics on Facebook and Instagram encourage interaction and thus generate a high reach, has been impressively confirmed. This principle also applies to paid content."

The bundled scope of media brands offers customers intentional content conversion on social media in the form of various advertising packages. By successfully targeting messages to interested communities, advertisers can take advantage of tSocial's weekly reach of 5 million people on the network.