Swiss Ad Impact - An offer that makes an impact

Do you want to know whether your campaigns are having the desired effect? We have developed Swiss Ad Impact for this purpose. With this offer, you receive a study following your advertising campaign that shows the advertising impact at a glance and across all channels (Goldbach and third-party inventory). Specifically, this includes the following KPI and target group analysis:

Advertising effectiveness KPI

  • Ad Recall (supported)
  • Ad Recognition (per media channel)
  • Ad likeability (per media channel)
  • Ad Appeal (Ad Clarity, Ad Relevance, Ad Interest)
  • Ad impact (information search, recommendation, intention to buy/use)

Target group evaluation

  • Region
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Gainful employment
  • Positive Ad Recognition

How it works


How it works


1. You order the study

Together with your Goldbach contact person, you fill out the order form for the study*. This includes details of the media mix and timing, which creatives you want to use per channel, which brand, product and service names you are using, etc.

*Prerequisite for Swiss Ad Impact: Digital campaign with a minimum booking volume of 1.5-2 million ad impressions (basis: digital campaign at Goldbach), desktop share of 50% (not InApp) or TV campaign (incl. replay ad) with at least 40% net reach after 3 weeks.


2. The questionnaire is created

Goldbach is now having the standardized questionnaire drawn up by its market research partner intervista. This is done automatically.


3. The questionnaire is sent out

As soon as a minimum number of contacts has been reached within the campaign, intervista starts the automated sending of the questionnaire to the panelists. Pure online campaigns are also provided with a tracking pixel. As soon as a minimum number of panelists have had contact with the campaign, the questionnaire is also sent out here. The questionnaire is then also sent to panelists without campaign contact.


4. You receive your study results

As soon as all panelists have completed their questionnaires, the results will be integrated into a reporting dashboard. You will then receive the results, including a target group comparison, as a PDF (see below).

This is what it looks like

To give you an idea of how your results are displayed at the end, here is an example of the dashboard:


What our customers say


The Swiss Ad Impact Study is a valuable addition to the usual media performance reports and gives us an in-depth insight into the advertising impact of our campaign - at a glance and across all channels.

Anita Gerber, Marketing Manager Toyota AG

Your advantages with Swiss Ad Impact

  • You receive an advertising impact study in addition to the usual media performance reports
  • The study shows the impact of your campaign across all channels (Goldbach and third-party inventory) at a glance
  • Thanks to intervista's comprehensive and established survey panel, you receive a study with high quality results
  • Swiss Ad Impact enables the creation of benchmarks and the comparison of individual campaigns

Our partner for high data quality

To ensure that we can provide our customers with the most meaningful, high-quality results possible, we have partnered with the market research institute intervista, whose high-quality survey panel makes this possible.


It is an exciting challenge for us to develop such a comprehensive, highly automated and standardized campaign measurement system together with Goldbach.

Christoph Wüthrich, founder and member of the management of intervista

Learn more

If you would like more detailed information about Swiss Ad Impact, you will find it under the following links. Or you can contact our advertising professionals at the bottom of this page.

Everything you need to know

What is the aim of the Swiss Ad Impact study?

With Swiss Ad Impact, advertisers will receive impact KPIs in addition to their advertising campaign and the usual media performance reporting. This means: insights into general advertising recall, advertising-supported advertising recall per media channel used, advertising appeal per media channel/advertising medium, comprehensibility of the advertising, relevance of the advertising, interest in the advertising, information search, recommendation and purchase or usage intention based on the advertising.

What is the survey method?

Swiss Ad Impact conducts an online survey using a fully structured questionnaire. The survey is sent by e-mail to panelists (survey participants). The panel partner is intervista. The survey is standardized and automated. This makes it possible to establish benchmarks and compare campaigns.

Can I use Swiss Ad Impact for all my campaigns?

Swiss Ad Impact is a study based on a survey of panelists. In order to be able to address enough panelists with and without advertising media contact, there are certain minimum requirements for the campaign, such as

  • The exclusive online campaign must contain at least 1.5 million ad impressions with a 50% desktop share
  • A pure TV campaign must achieve at least 45% net reach in three weeks
When will the survey start and how long will it last?

The survey is sent to the panelists (survey participants) by intervista as soon as either 250 panelists have had contact with the campaign in the case of an exclusive online campaign (comparison takes place via tracking pixels) or - in the case of offline and multi-channel campaigns - the campaign has reached approx. 30% net reach in the respective region (DS & RO, DS, RO). The survey ends when 500 panelists have completed the questionnaire in full. A single questionnaire survey takes approx. 5 minutes.

How quickly can I see results? And can I retrieve them myself?

Your contact person at Goldbach will send you the results as a PDF report approx. 2-3 working days after the end of the campaign. If desired, a target group comparison can also be ordered afterwards. In a next step, the results will then be directly visible via login on a dashboard - this is currently still being planned. There are also plans to make the interim results available for viewing after the first 250 interviews while the campaign is still running.

Which media can I evaluate?

Online, TV and/or replay ads, CTV, (digital) out-of-home (DOOH), print, radio/audio and social media can be evaluated at the level of advertising media-supported advertising recall and advertising media preference, provided that these media are specified when ordering the study and one advertising medium/creative is available for each medium and can therefore be queried.

Which target groups can I evaluate?

As target groups, you can currently have the language region (German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland), gender, age groups (15-29, 30-49, 50-64, 65+), employment and advertising media-supported advertising recall (yes/no) evaluated separately and in combination in comparison to the total, provided the underlying number of cases does not fall below n=30.

Can I see the questionnaire in advance? How do I release the questionnaire?

Before the start of the campaign measurement, you will be sent a test link to the standardized online questionnaire if required. If any information is not correct or to your satisfaction, you can contact us and we will make the necessary corrections.

Can I add more questions to the questionnaire?

As Swiss Ad Impact is a fully automated and standardized questionnaire that is primarily intended to ensure comparability, no additional questions can currently be included. However, as part of further development, we will examine whether this can be made possible in the future for an additional charge.

Your professionals for Swiss Ad Impact

Do you have a question about Swiss Ad Impact or are you interested in the offer? We will be happy to help you.

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