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Advanced TV - Digital television has arrived

Digitization in living rooms in the DACH region continues to grow rapidly. Whether video on demand, over-the-top content or smart TV, the possibilities for use are diverse and the range is constantly increasing.

For the fourth time, Goldbach is addressing the question of the development of the connected TV market. The study provides information on aspects such as awareness and use, content and motivation, and advertising acceptance and impact. This year, for the first time, the scope of the study was extended from Smart TV to Connected TV, in order to shed light on the medium in its entirety, including external connection options.

OTT, VoD, HbbTV: Moving images and advertising on a wide variety of platforms

Moving images are extremely popular. Its forms of consumption and offerings have changed significantly in recent years. In addition to linear TV, content is now offered on many different platforms, with advanced TV being the umbrella term for digital TV offerings. As a collective term for forms of TV that are not delivered via a broadcast, cable or satellite connection, advanced TV refers to streaming platforms such as connected TV (incl. smart TV), over-the-top platforms or addressable TV.

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