Goldbach, Blue Billywig and LUMA Beef launch first interactive shopping campaign with new SIMID standard

In an effort to drive digital video advertising, Goldbach, Blue Billywig, and LUMA Beef are relying on the new video standard SIMID (Secure Interactive Media Interface Definition). Accordingly, LUMA Beef 's shopping campaigns were migrated from VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) to the new standard in the last quarter of 2020. At the core of the campaigns were interactive shoppable ads, where the shopping cart was displayed directly in the video stream.

"For LUMA Beef, we complemented our Brandformance TV ad campaign with interactive shoppable video ads across our network. This combination of brand video ads with a transactional format has proven successful," explains Martin Radelfinger, Managing Director at AdManufaktur, Goldbach's performance-oriented marketing agency.

Even though market adoption of the standard is currently slow, Blue Billywig is convinced of the benefits of SIMID - both for advertisers and publishers. For this reason, the video platform offers full SIMID support and has made it available to all users of its Interactive Video Ads Studio.

Kevin Fox, Director Media Solutions at Blue Billywig commented: "At Blue Billywig, we help media owners improve their video solutions. We are extremely proud to be an early adopter of the SIMID video standard and to work with great partners like Goldbach who want to provide innovative, creative solutions while driving the digital video market. Our thanks also go to LUMA for approaching the SIMID standard with an open mind, setting a bar for other brands to follow."

The IAB Tech Lab unveiled the SIMID video standard in 2019 with the goal of replacing VPAID. The intent was to ensure a more transparent, secure standard while increasing the interactive capabilities of digital video campaigns. With SIMID, playback control lies with the player, giving publishers greater control over their streams.