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How video sites are used in Switzerland

Goldbach has also commissioned a follow-up survey in 2021 based on the M1 Panel Survey (formerly the "Consumer Connections Study") conducted by Dentsu Aegis worldwide. The M1 Panel Survey is a proprietary survey conducted by Dentsu in over 60 markets. It is globally consistent while being locally relevant and representative of each market.

Over 1400 people from German- and French-speaking Switzerland aged 15 to 64 were surveyed on their use of various websites. Representative research results are thus available for the online media genre, based on weighted data and a high number of cases, which enables a direct comparison of the networks of different media houses. We have compiled the most important results for you below.

Key Messages

  • The reach of the Goldbach Video Network is growing, scores well against competitors and reaches a broad audience
  • The Goldbach Video Network unites all kinds of interests and reaches the majority of the Swiss population with the "Best of News" theme world
  • The Goldbach Video Network websites are considered credible
  • A combination with GVN brings additional reach, also cross-media

1. reach

Compared with YouTube, the Admeira Digital Network, Netflix and the social media channels Instagram, Facebook and TikTok or the NZZ Video Network, the Goldbach Video Network (GVN) reaches the most people every month: Around 97% of 15- to 49-year-olds in German- and French-speaking Switzerland use the GVN on a monthly basis.

Monthly reach nationwide (15- to 49-year-olds)

No prior-year figures available for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


2. young users

The GVN has a high reach within all age groups. The target group of 15- to 29-year-olds uses the GVN the most (98%).

Monthly reach across Switzerland by age group


3. positioning

Comparing the positioning of the various video networks, the reach across all age groups and genders is confirmed once again. While other networks have more specific audiences, the GVN allows a broad target group to be reached.

Positioning by age and gender

4. affinity to user interests

Although the GVN can reach a broad audience, the individual networks have high affinities to all sorts of specific interests.

Affinity for the topic "Science and Technology
Affinität Wissenschaft_ps.JPG

Looking at the environments, the "Best of News" theme world reaches 92% of the 15-49-year-old Swiss population, the most users per month. The news environments are also at the top in all other age groups.

5. credibility of the sites

Compared to the most popular social media platforms, the GVN is perceived as particularly credible, making it especially well suited for advertising placements.

Evaluation of the sites

Statement: "The contents of this website are credible."


6. additional reach through combinations of sites

While GVN is used by 97% of the 15-49 year old population in Switzerland on a monthly basis, YouTube has a reach of 88%. 86% of the population uses both networks. In combination with YouTube, the GVN thus generates 11% additional reach.

Incremental reach YouTube with GVN
GVN und YouTube.png

The GVN also helps to achieve more reach as a cross-media extension of campaigns. In combination with Goldbach TV, for example, the GVN brings an additional monthly reach of 15% among 15-49 year olds.

Incremental reach TV and video networks

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Want to learn how to best use video networks for your advertising campaign?

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