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Print media work - The most important facts and arguments

Print media continue to convince with strong characteristics: People believe and trust them because they actively select, buy or subscribe to them. Naturally, advertisers also benefit from this. In its current campaign, the association Verlegerverband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN provides revealing insights into print as an advertising medium.

What makes print advertising special?

Our marketing professionals Séverine Hubatschek (Managing Director, 20 Minuten Advertising) and Thierry Furrer (Managing Director, Goldbach Publishing) describe the effectiveness of print from their perspective.

20 Minuten believes in the strength of print and is investing in the future.

Séverine Hubatschek, Managing Director 20 Minutes Advertising

"Media consumption changed significantly during the pandemic. The majority of the 20 Minuten readers consumed their news online. The print edition was no longer read on the way to work, but rather while shopping or in the waiting room at a doctor's appointment. Today, we see that for many readers the newspaper is still an integral part of their daily media use and offers orientation in the current news. 20 Minuten believes in the strength of print and is investing in the future. The printed edition will be upgraded this spring and will receive a refresh in terms of page count, paper quality as well as content and design."

Print is still an important part of the media mix.

Thierry Furrer, Managing Director Goldbach Publishing
"The Corona pandemic has shown that print works. Subscribed daily newspapers and the ads in them show a high level of credibility among the high-income target group. We have also found that the Sunday press enjoys great popularity. The large-scale advertising messages in the curated environment have a positive effect in the typical lean-back situation of newspaper readers. But we also see from the example of retailers that sales advertising in the daily press has an activating effect and consumers flock to the stores week after week. Print is therefore still an important part of the media mix."

Current campaign "Print wirkt"

In order to substantiate the benefits of print advertising, the association Verlegerverband SCHWEIZER MEDIEN (VSM) has presented facts and arguments about the effectiveness of print media in a campaign aimed at the relevant stakeholders in the media and advertising industry. In this way, the VSM is continuing the "Print wirkt" campaign already carried out in the past with new elements and advertising materials.

The facts about the effectiveness of print media

Attention, credibility and trust are among the strengths of print media and are thus also a success factor for advertising. The VSM compiles the most important evidence and facts.


Debunking myths around print advertising

Print advertising is still one of the most important advertising genres in Switzerland. The VSM campaign debunks the most common myths and popular misconceptions in a fact check.


Are you interested in print advertising or would you like to learn more about it?

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