"Enjoy the summer together" - Swiss Radioworld and Publicis Media launch Spotify campaign for Cantadou

Radio agency Swiss Radioworld and Publicis Media are implementing a creative audio campaign on Spotify for Cantadou Switzerland. The campaign draws attention to the diversity of the fresh cheese product line. 

Zurich, June 16, 2022 - The latest Spotify campaign by Swiss Radioworld and Publicis Media for Cantadou Switzerland is being launched just in time for the barbecue season. Under the motto "Enjoy the summer together", the focus is on the many ways in which Cantadou's fresh cheese product line can be used for barbecue and summer dishes. As a fitting accompaniment, Cantadou's thematically matching Spotify playlist is also promoted.

The Cantadou product line and the Spotify playlist are promoted via various media channels in German and French. The corresponding QR codes with a link to the Cantadou playlist were displayed in advance on POS shelf brochures in selected Coop shops and in the Coop Grill magazine. In addition, a special Cantadou recipe booklet, audio spots as well as video and display ads were used.

Cantadou Switzerland's own Spotify playlist "Grillieren auf Repeat" was created in the run-up to the campaign and promoted using influencer marketing. Well-known influencers from German- and French-speaking Switzerland such as Nadja Zimmermann (@loumalou_blog), Elvira Legrand (@elviralegrand), Ella Zina (@ella.zina) and Tobias Burger (@tobias_burger_) called on their communities on Instagram to share their favourite barbecue songs for the Cantadou playlist. 

Cantadou Switzerland thus relies on authentic and emotional campaign content to generate engagement. "We decided on this attention-grabbing 360-degree campaign, including audio advertising and a barbecue playlist, to offer our consumers a real additional benefit to the perfect barbecue experience," explains Emel Türkemis, Brand Manager Cantadou Switzerland.

On the agency side, Cyril Biland, Account Manager at Publicis Media, explains: "The campaign is intended to promote attention and interaction through a combination of target group-specific media channels and advertising media. With our planning, we consciously wanted to create emotions, which is what music stands for. Darko Dunjic, Sales Director at Swiss Radioworld, adds: "Many clients are not aware that audio campaigns can also be implemented creatively. This Spotify campaign is a great example of how audio can activate and work together with other media channels.

Various agencies were involved in the campaign: PRfact conceived and implemented the influencer activities, while Havas Village was responsible for the creative design of the campaign.