Trends from the gaming world

April's trend news is all about the gaming world. Sure, the games are becoming more and more realistic, the presentation more and more real, but in the meantime quite other trends can be observed in the gaming world. Of course AI plays a role, but animal welfare, betting and more. Let us surprise you!

Catch Pokémons while you sleep

Video game maker Pokémon Company has unveiled "Pokémon Sleep," a mobile app that is played while you sleep. The game is a sleep tracker in which users catch Pokémon in the app while they sleep. For this purpose, their sleep is measured, recorded and analyzed. The sleep phases are divided into three types: "dozing," "snoozing" and "slumbering." Different types of creatures are attracted in the process. The game can be played via smartphone. In addition, "Pokémon Go Plus Plus" is a new device. It functions both as a sleep tracker for "Pokémon Sleep" and as a tool for Pokémon Go.