Virtualization - a digital world

Our lives and our everyday lives are shifting more and more into a virtual world. While a few years ago online shopping was just emerging, soon doctor's appointments or cultural excursions can be made online - thanks to augmented, mixed or virtual reality.

3D illusion for unbounded fantasy

Amazon Prime Video has teamed up with Amplify to create an anamorphic billboard to promote the fantasy series "The Wheel of Time". Passers-by at Piccadilly Circus in London were surprised with immersive 3D illusions, in which the main actress Rosamunde Pike took center stage. The impression was created that the leader of the woman-led organization Aes Sedai, as well as the commander of the Dark Army, were breaking the boundary between the virtual and physical worlds. The anamorphic ads are also expected to give goosebumps in New York and Tokyo, with adapted content for each location.