Artificial intelligence in everyday work

Artificial intelligences like ChatGPT are on everyone's lips again right now. The possibilities in the workplace offered by these tools, these artificial brains, seem limitless. At the same time, concerns arise: how do you prevent fraud, unwarrantedness, falsification, etc.? Our February TrendnNews has the first answers to AI use in everyday work.

Marketing agency hires AI interns

US tech marketing agency Codeword is relying on AI instead of human interns. They are to perform simple but necessary tasks. The two AI-based interns are technically digital software models. They have created their own identities through images and named themselves Aiko and Aiden. As the economy is tight, more industries are starting to integrate models based on tools like ChatGPT and AI image generators like Dall-E 2. Codeword's AI interns are expected to work on initial drafts of graphic designs, conduct research, and create editorial content.