OUTERNET - the new reality?

Outernet is nothing other than the Internet mapped in the real world - as an augmented reality, so to speak. Whereas at the beginning of the Internet age there was still a clear boundary between the analog and digital worlds, today one has long since merged into the other. The digital is so much a part of our everyday lives that we no longer even notice it. Here are a few exciting examples.

Smart contact lens enables photo shooting

British contact lens manufacturer LGL is developing "iLens," a smart contact lens that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. "iLens" not only improves vision, but also has a 60x zoom and can measure distances, for example, to comply with corona rules. The device also serves as a photographic apparatus when linked to the smartphone. This allows wearers to take photos of their field of vision. The contact lens can also be supplemented with AR filters, enables people to see in the dark and warns them of excessive screen time.