Artificial intelligence - curse or blessing?

Artificial intelligence is no longer just a concept from some sci-fi novel. Today, it already supports us in many everyday situations. For example, headphones that learn which sound settings we like in which places. Or, of course, Google's search engine, which usually knows what we're looking for before we do. Here you will find more exciting trends in artificial intelligence.

AI against food waste in the supermarket

Lithuanian start-up Magma Solutions has developed "Pixevia," a technology that recognizes food and suggests price reductions shortly before it expires. The AI system is being tested in a smart Pixevia store in Vilnius, where automatic product recognition eliminates the need for product scans and payment at the checkout. In addition, the AI recognizes how fresh the products are. If they show signs of deterioration or expire, a dynamic price algorithm triggers price reductions. The system also takes into account the weather and shopping trends to prevent food waste.