Smart Home - When the home thinks for me

How nice it would be if we all had a home like Daniel Düsentrieb, where we don't have to take care of anything ourselves anymore - wouldn't it? In June's trend news, we have various inventions and trends that go in this direction. How much they will catch on or whether we will continue to hang our laundry ourselves remains to be seen.

Smoke detector delivers burger to front door

McDonald's Netherlands, together with the agency "TBWA\NEBOKO", has introduced the smoke detector called "McDelivery Detector" as part of a technological promotion campaign. Specifically, the Detector was developed for McDonald's fans who love to cook at home but sometimes make mistakes, ruining their dinner. The McDelivery Detector looks like a Big Mac and functions like a traditional smoke detector by alerting the home to a possible fire. However, in addition to this functionality, the McDelivery Detector also instantly places a delivery order for a McDonald's menu to the front door at home.