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The current situation shows us more than ever how much our health benefits from research and development. All over the world, inventors are working every day to make our lives healthier and our health stronger. Find out what this has to do with dead music legends, an inhaler vaccination or the pill for him in our trend news of the month of May.

AI generates songs from dead music legends

Canadian organization Over the Bridge is raising awareness of mental illness among musicians with its "Lost Tapes" project. They used AI software to generate "new" songs by deceased artists Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. The AI program analyzed up to 30 songs by each artist. Based on that, the algorithm created stylistically similar new compositions. Over the Bridge used Google's Magenta AI program to do this. The song lyrics were also created with the help of a neural network. The organization wants to use this to raise awareness of its support services for artists with mental health problems.