Personal protection - For more safety

The world can be a dangerous place. Be it in war zones, because of environmental disasters or because there are more and more people and thus less and less space. But we can arm ourselves against these dangers. In May's Trend News, we present trends and inventions with the purpose of improving our personal safety.

Headphones with built-in air filter

The manufacturer of electrical appliances Dyson has introduced a headphone with a built-in air filter. Called "Zone", the device is a Bluetooth headphone with noise cancellation. Two tiny compressors suck air through each earpiece. It is filtered and directed to a magnetic face visor. This does not rest on the face like a mask. A bubble is created in a gap where clean air collects. Users can breathe it in without most of the particles and pollutants. The "Zone" is designed to make life in urban areas more pleasant by trying to reduce both air and noise pollution.