Metaverse - Departure into a new, digital world

Is it THE new achievement of mankind or just a short hype? In virtual worlds such as Roblox or Decentraland - called Metaversum - it is already possible to attend concerts, try on clothes and much more. In Goldbach's November Trend News, we examine some interesting metaverse trends, also in relation to the advertising industry.

Cannabis testing lab in the Metaverse

The largest U.S. cannabis and hemp testing lab ACS Laboratory has opened a location in the Metaverse. Called "Automatic Slims," the four-story marketplace is located on Decentraland operated by Blockticity. It offers insights into the ACS Laboratory and its work and certification processes, as well as participation in the "Cannabis Quest" to learn about the industry and win prizes. Visitors* will also go through stations dedicated to the cultivation, extraction and processing of cannabis. In addition, "Automatic Slims" attracts with live events and a retail store where cannabis brands are presented.