Eating sustainably - it's possible with these trends

World Vegan Day was on November 1, 2023. We've taken this as an opportunity to dedicate our November trend news entirely to sustainable food. You'll be surprised how meaty vegan food can be - or have you heard of ribs with edible bones or vegan fat that tastes like beef? Exactly! Enjoy the read.

Vegan fat tastes like beef or pork

The US company Lypid has developed the vegan fat "PhytoFat". It imitates the taste and texture of animal fat. The fat is made with the help of vegetable oils and water. Thanks to "microencapsulation technology" it has a high melting temperature. The vegetable fat has a lower content of saturated fatty acids, calories and sodium compared to animal fat. No artificial additives are used in its production and no trans fats are formed. "PhytoFat" comes in different flavors such as pork and beef.