Coop Instore Radio

Instore radio allows you to reach consumers directly at the point of purchase and benefit from a particularly high reach - the ideal complement to your radio campaign. Find out more about our exclusive Coop Instore Radio offer and play your audio spot in several hundred sales outlets and department stores throughout Switzerland.

Added value

  • Ideal advertising environment directly at the POS
  • Increased volume at advertising islands for optimal attention
  • High reach of up to 83%*
  • Ideal complement to the classic radio campaign

Basic rates and benefits

* A-stores: 250 to 600 m²; B-stores: 800 to 3,000 m²; MS-stores: 4,500 to 8,000m²(megastores).

* Average price

FilialenA*B*MS*Total FilialenCoop CityGesamt
Anzahl D-CH4851672367535710
Anzahl W-CH138461019415209
Anzahl I-CH3810250252
Anzahl Total6612233591952971
Pro Woche und Filiale
Preis 20"CHF 25CHF 50CHF 75CHF 35*CHF 75CHF 60*
ø Bruttokontakte4'0775'45213'0755'26419'1393'448