Commercial publishing: content-driven advertising products

Our Commercial Publishing unit creates content-driven advertising products on behalf of the advertising market. The focus is on new, innovative, cross-title and cross-media formats that can be optimally played out on the company's own channels. Our USP: Expertise in content creation, reach and performance.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising allows advertisers to cover topics that are relevant to them. For once, the focus is not on the product or the service, but on attractive content around the topic world of the advertising company.

In contrast to branded content, the customer only specifies the topic. We take care of the implementation of the campaign for you. Our claim: We want to offer readers content that interests and entertains them. Cheeky, smart, charming, but above all captivatingly open and honest - that's how our content should come across.


Native advertising is a form of advertising that does not differ significantly from a conventional journalistic content, neither by its content, nor by its form.


Precisely because the native advertising material usually hardly differs from journalistic content, a transparent, highly visible declaration is mandatory.

Advertising order

The native advertising material is created together with the customer and is thematically related to the product to be advertised, the service or the communication concern of the advertising customer.