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In 2050, two thirds of humanity will live in cities. The density stress in our living spaces is increasing rapidly.

● How do we deal with this?
● How do we promote the quality of coexistence?

In these two questions, we have specialized in the economization of meta-topics.

How can we reconcile urbanity, entertainment/culture, media/communication and urban development?

Influencers help with the implementation, take up the topics in their feeds and place the messages with their young community.

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Mirjana Elmer
Key Account Manager
Goldbach Manufaktur AG - Küsnacht
Goldbach Manufaktur AG


  • Guaranteed visits | Contacts
  • 70% in the core target group according to customer briefing
  • Entertaining and relevant content from professional creators
  • Emotional positioning of brands through strong storytelling
  • Number of interactions with the content
  • Guaranteed achievement of desired KPIs and measurable successes
  • Strategic interaction of social media, influencer marketing and digital media from a single source
  • Dwell time over one minute
  • approx. 15,000 visits per story

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