Advertising formats & specifications

Here you will find all the details and specifications for the right advertising format for your campaign.



The display ads are played in brand-compliant environments and selected pages.



The image-text ads are delivered via our Native Premium Network and via Facebook and Instagram.


Video Premium Network

Delivery of video ads on the Swiss network with the widest reach. Advertising on mobile sites and apps.

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We display thousands of advertising spaces throughout Switzerland. When shopping, at the gym, at the train station, 24/7 wherever your customers are.


Social Video

Delivery of social ads on Facebook and Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.


Digital Audio

Your digital audio spot is broadcast across all devices via Goldbach's premium network. Our partners include well-known platforms such as Spotify, Sonos, Soundcloud and TuneIn.

In which region would you like to activate advertising?

In our overview you will find your region with all media titles and current offers as well as your contact persons.